Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bubbly just because, or…

The world is finally catching up with me.

My sister just sent me an article that appeared in the September edition of the Sunset magazine, one with which I whole-heartedly agree, but also the principals of which I have long applied, i.e. crack open that bottle of sparkling wine or champagne for no reason or any reason whatsoever!

My former housemate and I were masters at the art: had a bad day? Let’s cheer ourselves up, bubbly and smoked salmon; Good day? Let’s celebrate, bubbly and foie gras; “need” to watch a movie or DVD series? What better to accompany it than bubbly and popcorn.

As to the colleague of the person who wrote the article who used to celebrate with sparkling wine Tuesdays since they were “the hardest day of the week to get through”, yesterday was Tuesday and how did you guess, I had some bubbly: also opted for hummus and veggies followed by the leftover avocado turned into guacamole.
Let it be said - the bubbly was only a 2dl split! And I only had about 8 chips.
Life is for the living and that’s always worth celebrating!

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