Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Detours or…

Discovering Marconi

This morning whilst the weather was still decent I headed down the road to go to Salvan as I had a question and the mayor’s office is only open on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.  Although unable to settle my particular request it did lead to my taking a walk.

One that I should have done years ago, but somehow never got around to doing.
Salvan is where Guglielmo Marconi achieved his first experiments in the wireless transmission of sound.

There is a walk that one can take to the various rocks and sites used for this purpose and if it hadn’t been for the parcoursvita (a sort of path that combines various exercise elements for strength, endurance and flexibility) that was halfway around, it truly would have taken only 30 to 40 minutes, as advertised.

Imagine the longest distance he achieved was in between Salvan and the small village where I rent in the summers Les Marécottes. The fall colors are going to be much better than in “normal” years, thanks to the extreme heat and lack of rain this past summer – there are even some reds!

All goes to show that even the tiniest of villages or spots also have their own interest or claim to fame. The church also has a wooden plaque honoring the Swiss chef that went down with the Titanic.

View from the "Bergère" rock

View from the "Bergère" rock

towards the mountains from the Age d'Or

Detail from the top right corner of the preceding photo
Plaque from the ITU attesting to Marconi's work here in 1895

Another plaque from the IEEE about Marconi's experiments
through one of the telescopes

through one of the telescopes

Just some of the fall colors to be enjoyed this morning