Sunday, October 18, 2015

Small is beautiful

Where else can one go from an international city to my mountains (normally an approx. two hour drive) via another set of mountains? Experiencing many types of terrain, the beauty of fall colors, the first frosting of snow, the cows in their pastures, small villages all in the space of a few hours.

Left home leisurely, drove along beautiful Lake Leman through France. Once the corner is turned I crossed a small valley and up into the alps on one side.

Once one turns into the valley from France there are part of the alps

animals along the way

mushrooms galore

more interesting sheep

love the horns
Stopped for lunch – delicious – then went over another pass down into a different valley (towards Gruyère) for coffee and a visit in Charmey. Back over the same passes then back down off that lot of alps into the valley and on to my mountains.

up the first mountain looking back


alpine meadows and tree stands
cows are hardy - out in spite of the cold

first frosting - gone by day's end

why did they leave one last plant?


One of the postal car stops

Lovely experience, wonderful day, ending with a sliver of a moon above my village.