Monday, October 26, 2015

Alone or…

On one’s own.
What a difference there is depending upon how one describes the state of being alone:
The first has a rather negative sound, like it wasn’t something to be wished for, even welcomed at times; the second a much more positive spin, something one perhaps chooses to indulge in – at least for a time.

Yesterday I was on my own and had a wonderful time!

The following pictures reflect unique objects that were also “alone” in their site: some we wouldn’t even every want to be multiplied!

the last one standing - nothing for miles around but this lone sunflower

couldn't quite make out what kind of hunting bird, but alone

one of the three chose to keep its' leaves

far away in the middle of a field - no others in sights

there were several "alone" along the lake

two suns or two Jet d'Eaux wouldn't have the same impact at all!