Sunday, October 11, 2015

Seasons, walks and pastures

Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that when the local forestry department decided to cut down some trees they didn’t bother to check and see what had happened to the paths in the woods below said trees. I only was able to continue my normal way as I had known that part of the woods and was able to climb under, over and around the obstacles.

Today I simply took another path.

It is to my way of thinking the best time of the year to be out and about: the fall colors are gorgeous thanks to all that awful heat and dry that we had this summer (glad to see that there was at least something positive to come out of all the days and nights that we could hardly move or even rest well).

The cows are back from the high pastures and one of my favorite fields is full of a mixture of yaks and various-colored cows – all still with their bells ringing at every movement.

part of the group at Planajeur

Imagine a yak that looks like a skunk!


I'll keep one eye on you

Pose? Me?

even a couple of more classical cows inhabit the field

Then there is the local specialty – the “Brisolée”: roasted chestnuts, various cheeses, mountain ham, the compact dark rye bread and for dessert squares of apple tart – the entire thing washed down with cider. One continues to enjoy it in one’s dreams thereafter (and believe me after that meal I defy anyone not to need a nap!).