Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I’m staying on the street…

Oh dear, re-reading that it looks like I am saying something entirely different than what I actually mean – just as bad as the time my sister turned to me and said “let’s go walk the streets in …” I still haven’t let her forget that one, but I won’t correct my title as all I meant was that due to the fog and rain I am not about to ramble through the forests today.

Yes, even in paradise, there is occasionally less than perfect weather.
And knowing my propensity to slip on anything or trip over everything (namely wet leaves and slippery stones in the case of today’s forests), I thought it prudent to take precautions and stay on paved roads.

Since I have had my share of lovely weather I am not complaining, it is too bad however that it would happen on the last afternoon of this particular stay.  I was rewarded though with a young deer dashing across my path in the gloom – just not quick enough for a photo.