Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It was hard to leave the mountains this morning: the first snow on the peaks was glistening in the rising sun. The fog fingers were moving in though and bad weather forecast so I chose to listen to Mozart’s Requiem on the way down the mountain – and until I left the last of my favorite peaks.

Le Luisin

Part of the mountains peaks above La Creusaz

Les Cimes de l'Est
Then it was on to more current music – still loving Andrea Bocelli – and a switch in mentalities.  I furthered the mental switch by stopping to walk along the lake front in the “Grande Rive” just before Evian, France.

Lakeside in la Grande Rive, France looking towards Lausanne in Switzerland

Once home, faced with an accumulation of mail and tasks needing doing, had lunch with a friend, which completed the switch – at least for a few days.