Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy families don’t have any history…

And maybe bloggers don’t either – or, as is my case these past few days (weeks) my blogs are rather autobiographical.
Now what Tolstoy really said was: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”.

And, although some of you may be bored with the minutiae of my life, others will be enjoying the glimpses of the Swiss and French Alps that they don’t know or can’t readily access. Since I can’t please everyone at the same time, this time I am choosing to please myself. 

First thought upon awakening this morning early – o.k. get up and go take that walk before it gets too hot. The second actually setting out on the walk and turning around at the top on the flat was “hallelujah” it may be a wee bit cooler.

It was – blessed relief.

Since there was a bit of a breeze I decided that lunch up the mountain would be a very good idea and took myself up the cable car and to the restaurant at La Creusaz (for my French-speaking friends as the link is only in French:

A very fresh mixed salad
Steak tartare and its' accompiaments

A burst of freshness as the berries are very tart but ah with the sugar - exquisite.

A bit of a walk then back down the mountain comfortably in the gondola.

looking towards France

Alpine orchids - who knew?
Last look at "my" mountains
I might not have much of a history, but it is happy for the moment.