Sunday, July 12, 2015

A morning walk

Now in appearance there is nothing unusual about that title: I often walk to the village for coffee and almost always take a morning walk whilst in the mountains.
This morning’s walk however was unusual in that I had just barely gotten up myself when my housemate appeared all dressed and with her camera, announcing that her husband had gone back to sleep but that she was going for a walk.

After the week that we had had, it seemed like a good idea and I asked her to wait whilst I quickly threw on some clothes.

What a wonderful idea: from the ducks where we caught one “wife” chewing the ear off her husband (we named that the couple’s gathering) to the mother with four baby ducks (late for them as well, so we imagined her as a single mom), to the schools of “wanabe”-perch, one lone fisherman as well as one lone teenager diving off the pier, then on to the shadows on walls and the beauty of flowers in some of the lakeside mansions it was delightful. The last bit of loveliness was coming across a man playing his homemade flute – happy in the early morning to be able to pour out his thoughts in music.
All that and good company, talk and laughter as well – a great way to start a day.

our lake pier

swimming in the shallows

an out-of-season baby duck

Lake bird in all his glory

shadows on the wall

Observing his territory
spotlit flowers

Our poetic flute player

Cheerful colors