Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Taking one’s own advice…

And other bloopers whilst under stress.
Why are we so good at giving advice, but so poor at taking it – even if it is our own?

I had, based upon personal experience, told my housemate’s husband to be careful about getting enough to eat – and to even have a candy bar before visiting D-L after surgery (I fainted dead away when I went to visit my husband in ICU after his open heart surgery).

My morning started o.k.; thought of her in surgery, went and picked up some more stuff from a renter across the lake and sent R a text message when I was on my way back. Then I got a call from another very good friend, who was waiting for an x-ray for her back, thus instead of heading home I deviated to the hospital – calling R so explain that “no, it isn’t D-L, but I’m on my way to the hospital for someone else”. 

We grabbed a snack in the hospital cafeteria – a place I know way too well – and then R and I waited for news of the operation – he staying and my returning home. By 14:30 we knew that she was in the recovery room so I headed back in doing a couple of errands on the way. It was yet again hot – and we all know how much I like the heat – so by the time I had parked the car and was walking towards the hospital I realized that I hadn’t eaten enough and that if I didn’t sit down and get something quickly I was in danger of pulling another “pick me up off the floor” scene. Fortunately a lovely walnut tart took care of that problem and it was up to find my housemate in very good shape – with the best news ever: only inflammations – no cancer in the gall bladder nor colon!!!

Scooby II was waiting amongst the flowers

To say that I got silly from relief is putting it perhaps mildly, but when R. left to “take a walk” (i.e. give us girls time together) I started getting ideas about the deco and her support hose amongst others.

small feet made the stockings look like Mummenschantz figures

They needed livening up!

Leaving for home I then promptly managed to put the parking ticket in the slot for credit card payments. Relief is a funny thing. Today I am sure we will all do better.