Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oh the excitement

of watching the meter run backwards.

Whoever would have thought, but when the technician showed up around 9 this morning (instead of the planned 13:00 this afternoon – but never mind my 10:00 appointment had gotten cancelled so I was here) I was still blasé. By the time he left for lunch then came back to check that all was functioning correctly I was really excited.

I have joined a greener world, am producing my own electricity and – perhaps the most fun – have watched the meter go from spinning to the right to spinning to the left: I am going backwards.

This won’t last long as my local service provider will come and change the meter, but while it lasts it sure is fun to watch the Kilowatt hours disappear. When will I have paid off the installation of the photovoltaic panels? Predictions are in approx. 7 years, but it all doesn’t matter as from today onwards I won’t be paying a penny for my electricity (based upon prior consumption that is: if I all of a sudden start running tons more appliances, etc. that could change)!  Watching the meter run backwards was well worth the investment.
If only we could figure out a way to do this on our bodily cells, still this is probably enough excitement for me at the moment, after all, as I type this I have already produced enough electricity to save 1’700 batteries or to light up the Eiffel Tower for 2 whole minutes!

It is indeed a brighter day, in more ways than one.

The beginning July 17, 2015

track details

Finished roof July 18, 2015

The old meter after the panels kicked in:it now reads 198029

Control center, but the on-line reports are more fun!