Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Worrying about the world…

Every day I get a half a dozen, if not more, e-mails soliciting my signature for a petition against this, a petition against that. 
Mainly, due to sites I consult online, it’s the political or environmental from “Stand up and be counted” for whichever candidate is currently funding fame to “sign the petition”: from Fracking  issues to Bottled Water (and when did bottled water gather enough momentum to become capitalized?). Then there’s the banking issues, the tax issues, the immigration issues, the wars in too many places to count, Corporate accountability (sounds like an oxymoron to me), and today’s latest Scott Walker is running for President (and I thought we had hit the bottom with Donald Trump’s candidature).  I subscribe to Popvox – a site dedicated to reporting what motions or resolutions are introduced in the House or in the Senate (this morning’s in box held the following
Happy Monday, POPVOX users!
Can you believe the 114th Congress has been in session for six months already? Since this Congress convened on January 6, 2015, 3,428 bills and resolutions were introduced in the House, and 1,916 were introduced in the Senate. Here's a look at the Top 20 most active bills on POPVOX from the past six months. ») 

Wow, I mean really, some 180 days and all those bills and resolutions – no way that they can even begin to treat that many in a logical and coherent manner.

But for the moment I am getting off the Merry-go-round (which although it goes around all right, is often anything but merry), I have concerns closer to home : my housemate is in surgery as we speak for gall bladder removal.

Nothing much on its own, but this comes after a breast cancer diagnosis and a PET scan showing « hot spots » in and near the gall bladder. As said organ is – to put it in her own words – just a quarry – they are going to remove it, analyse the tissue whilst she’s still under then proceed depending upon the results.

I have been here before – life suspended whilst a loved one is in the hospital : the world shrinks and one’s days are re-oganized around waiting for news (telemarketer phone calls become even more annoying – if that’s possible !), waiting to go visit, visiting, mulling over information received, in short anything beyond this very limited perimeter becomes uninteresting, redundant and one has no energy for engaging in the « normal » of everyone else’s lives.

Fortunately, even in the worst case scenarios (I did lose my husband and my little sister), the angst and pressure, the stress and worry, are not sustainable over the long term, one does forget, one does get back to the « real » world, so forgive me if I take a short break (or not, sometimes I become even more attached to the « normal » and write everyone and about everything). My energies are needed for my immediate world – the world at large will simply have to get along without me for the duration.
Should anyone be interested – my housemate is a writer – she blogged her first bout with breast cancer and is doing the same with this one :
as well as her husband’s recent blog :
Currently she is « on the table »  but I'm sure she'll blog it later today or tomorrow- just hoping that she will have some wonderful pyschadelic dreams to share with us when we see her later.