Friday, April 24, 2015

Effective advertising - again

Sorry - the first posting without photos was published by Cléa when she stepped on a key... here is the "real" posting.

I received the following advertising in my post office box recently:
One of the Salvation Army’s fund-gathering campaigns.

Folded one reads: “when Pierre came to us, all of his personal affairs were contained in this sack”.

When one opens the grocery bag and tries to imagine how little can be contained in it, the mind boggles, then thinks: how lucky I am, how stupid I am. Lucky to have, not only a bed, a home, a kitchen and all the accouterments of life, but also the money to fill this same sack with food. I didn’t try to see what would fit in this one sack, but I’m betting not more than a couple pair of socks, underpants, perhaps a t-shirt, maybe a bar of soap, a razor, perhaps even a sweater presuming he didn’t already have it on his back. There is certainly not room for much.

And I have a very hard time realizing that even with just this one sack of belongings that he was – and is – better off than many.

Will I donate? Yes – how could one not when the advertising is so effective?