Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Italian saga comes to an end…

So after all the fun we did arrive at the “last day”.

Je me réveille,
un lac à mes pieds,
l’air frais,
l’esprit léger,
l’âme en paix.
Quelle belle journée.

From my room
from the balcony

at my feet

 Breakfast was enjoyed in the dining room overlooking the Lago d’Orta – with a view to the Madonna del Sasso chapel as well.

flowers in front of the Hotel Panoramico

more flowers at the hotel

Hotel Panoramica in Madonna del Sasso

The 17th century Madonna del Sasso (Our Lady of the Rock) sits on a promontory overlooking the Lake of Orta and in the peaceful morning sun seemed a world away from the world.  The inside was so full of interesting bits that it was hard to know where to concentrate. At one point there was a group of some 10 motorcyclists taking pictures (is she known for protecting motorcycles?). What is the meaning of the arrow through the heart up on one wall? And how did the painter manage to make the main vault look domed although it wasn’t? Even outside the beauty and simplicity of the site worked its’ magic.

Our Lady of the Rock sanctuary


Although it looks like a domed ceiling, it is only the paint that achieves that effect

detail on a column

Porch directly in front of the main door

Flowers in front of the porch and view of the lake

Then it was down the mountain and on to the small village of Pella to find a boat to cross the Lago d’Orta to the village of San Giulio Orta. Asked directions three different times (with three different answers) and even then ended up walking quite some distance from where we had parked the car towards the main dock.  No boat in sight so allowed our selves to be talked into a private taxi-type boat. It did make for a much better crossing.

Middle of the lake - on the taxi boat

Pella in the wake of the boat
Our captain

Ah the views from the boat

loved the protective copper on the dock pillars

In the gardens of San Giulio Orta

Gardens of the City Hall

Small allies leading to the gardens

Lots of lovely wrought-iron decorations

Many pictures to be captured

A restaurant right on the lake

Main Square
Another glorious day so lunch on one of the many terraces looking back towards the small island of San Giulio and the Sanctuary in the distance.
Looking back towards one of the squares of San Giulio

Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary as seen from the village across the lake
 Finally with no more interest in lakes, churches or sight seeing we headed back to Geneva. A great trip, one that I can highly recommend (now if I can figure out how to make a map of all the things covered…)

Falls towards the Simplon Pass - return trip

Back into Switzerland

Napoleon's Eagle at the Simplon Pass

 Davvero triste partire Italia - si erano bellissime