Monday, April 20, 2015

Democracy: we are all responsible.

My family was not highly political, but we did grow up knowing that we had duties as citizens, amongst those not only the “right” to vote, but the obligation to do so.  Many who complain long and loudly don’t bother to go to the urns so I rather feel that they deserve what they get.

Voter apathy is rampant in the western world: what wouldn’t many of the refugees and exiled persons give to be able to exercise that simple right.

Yesterday in Geneva was the vote for the upcoming 5-year term for City Counselors, Mayors and their deputies. It was also the first time that it was widely known that even non-Swiss citizens could vote as long as they had lived in their community for at least 8 years. My younger son thus voted for the first time in his life and I actually saw how it is done for the first time in my life (up until now I have always sent in my ballots both in the USA and in Switzerland as never 100% sure that I would actually be physically present on voting day).

voting in this direction

The local candidates for city counselors and mayor and deputies

Lists on the door
Who knew how patriotic one could feel with just the addition of a ballot box and a voting booth? We are privileged.

ballot box - Genevan colours