Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some days are upside down or...

an interlude in the Italian travelogue.

Now we all have had those days where nothing goes right; or the lovely days where everything is coming our way. We have days that look dark and days where we border on euphoria.

However at number 15 we also have days that are totally upside down: of the four fairly regular inhabitants, one is on his way to foreign parts; another is in bed reading (having gotten a couple of bits of paper work done); another has gone through 3 friends trying to find someone to have lunch with (totally work avoidance although she would have happily lunched with any of her good friends). So what’s upside down you might ask? Well the fourth inhabitant has actually gotten a “bee in his bonnet” and sorted out 1’000 documents. Yikes – we are not used to this.

The other two inhabitants (cats Cléa and Babette) are right side up - loving the presence of so many people with whom to cuddle and to be given attention, including sleeping on one of my typing hands.

Oh, yeah – son has decided that he could have lunch with me – so have managed to postpone my tasks for an hour or so: perhaps I’ll be more motivated upon my return.