Tuesday, April 7, 2015

You don’t have to be a believer…

to enjoy the beauty of an Easter Sunday mass.

This year I was lucky enough to get to the Easter Sunday mass in St. Maurice – a congregation and church that are celebrating 1500 years of continued services!

The entry doors

The main platform

Wooden side stalls

Organ in the rear


Partial roof

Entry to the museum and "treasurers"

Bell tower from the outside

No the pope didn’t come (apparently an invitation was sent, but the Vatican never replies: or their reply is simply that of a “no show”).

Mgr Joseph Roduit

It didn’t matter.  It also didn’t matter that the average age of the priests on the platform was probably 80+. To be sitting in such a historical building (I have also seen the “treasures” of St.Maurice), to be enjoying the pageantry of the mass, to listen to the marvelous music – the organ postlude was one of my favorites, to attend the sending off of the “bell” on its way to Rome (balloons in the shape of a bell) accompanied by the balloons and cards of the children of the congregation, was a special couple of hours.

building of the "bell"

bronze replica of Saint Maurice

The launching of the "bell" headed for Rome

Over the mountains

1500 years of continual spiritual presence

Sigismond, King of Burgundy who established the Abby in 515

Never mind that lunch in La Forge thereafter was delicious!