Monday, April 27, 2015

Rapeseed, Chinese and Sunday meandering

Connection? Not much.

In the spring the rapeseed is a glorious, bright yellow and every year we wait patiently for it to be at its’ brightest before taking the same pictures that we took last year and will probably take again next year.

many fields of the same glorious yellow

close-up of rapeseed

Chinese? D-L and I have our favorite Chinese buffet across the border and had intended going last week – however that turned out to be the weekend of pain and no appetite for her before we spent all of Monday in emergency: obviously Chinese buffet was totally the last thing on her mind. So pleasure postponed: R was back and we had no problem convincing him that Chinese was the “flavor of the day” (o.k. I don’t recall that either of us politely asked – it was more “we’re going, want to come?” How could he refuse?). Do note that we are making progress in finding the restaurant without getting lost or taking a 50 kilometer detour: next time we might actually stay on the fast road and get off at the second St.Cergue exit (a friend did tell me that it was easy, just take the St.Cergue exit – she hadn’t realized that there are two – never mind the village is picturesque and on a Sunday not too bad as far as traffic is concerned). As usual I returned a second time just for the crispy fried onions (tempura if anyone knows their Asian food).

Chinese buffet - plate 1

Meandering: somehow we were all mellow upon the return so my car just naturally decided to meander along the byways of the local villages. We came across llamas in the field, took plenty of rapeseed photos (some with the Mont Blanc in the background when it generously decided to uncover bits of itself), I showed them my favorite walking spots amongst the natural reserves dotting this side of the lake, then we also swung by the mayor’s office where they will be getting married next month and finished by taking in the lake before crashing in our various rooms for a nap: too much food, too much beauty and a need to digest both.

Who are you looking at?

If I don't see you, you don't see me

crazy dog

What a lovely life in such a lovely spot of the world: I can truly agree with the reports that Switzerland heads the list of countries where people are the happiest this year!

farm house on our wanderings