Sunday, June 2, 2013

The dichotomy of my life

Two separate days:

One a classical concert featuring the Ukrainian-born, Australian pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk, if any of you ever have a chance of seeing him in concert – don’t deprive yourselves!) led by Neeme Järvi ( as conductor (again another “must see”) in Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Piano n°2 – a true “happening”. The staid Genevan audience in Victoria Hall applauded long enough and loudly enough that he did two encores, one Lohengrin’s, which we occidentals normally use as the “wedding” march. Brought a ripple of chuckles.

The second, a “Rhythm and Blues” concert by French-Canadian singer Garou ( for those of you who don’t know him) in the Arena of Geneva: a stand-up-and-dance-in-the-aisles, clap along and even sing along in many places, event that left us all oh-ing and ah-ing and reluctant to return home at the end of the evening.

One right after the other – and I loved both!