Friday, June 14, 2013

The best of all worlds

Or “having it all”.

I have often heard that one “can’t have it all”.  I’ve also been known to say it; flippantly.
Yesterday though I seem to be the example that this rule isn’t as 100% true as one would think – or that I am the exception that proves it.
I have recuperated from jet lag; have enjoyed time in the mountains; came down to have lunch with one friend, dinner with my kids, lunch with another friend and dinner last night with yet others. I have eaten the daily menu, Peruvian, Italian and Afghan; have drunk water, Pisco Sours, a good glass of white wine and a good glass of red.
I have had coffee with an Italian friend from the village, lunch with a British friend (married to an American), dinner with a Swiss (of Iranian origin) and yet another Swiss (who is actually “only” a Swiss).
I have talked to my sister-in-law in Germany (German) and to my kids in French, and some of the friends in English.
I haven’t gotten much work done – sometimes one simply has to go with the flow – so maybe I haven’t had it all, but, dang, I sure have had a lot!
Not to plagiarize, but “I’m lovin’ it!”

lunch on a terrace

Afghan soup