Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sight and Sound

Both are precious as I possess both glasses/contacts and hearing aids


Mountains, clouds like caps on the peaks, summer haze, old wooden chalets, irises, mini pansies, white daisies, roses, lilacs, wilted rhododendrons,

orange poppies against wood
stacked for the winter, 
peonies not yet blossomed, 
spring-green trees, stone walls, 
tumbling streams, 
fresh-mown grass… 


                                    the odd chickens back in their enclosure.

Crickets, crows, hammers pounding (a roof being repaired), lawn mowers, hedge cutters, the wind in the trees, the odd car or truck, a plane high in the distance, voices, a tinny transistor, rushing streams… 

my pedometer as it counts the steps of my first walk in a week.