Friday, May 31, 2013

Mixed Day

So, finally after 9 days (yep, one for each hour) I slept through the night: another bout of jet lag is buried; only to be resurrected the next time I fly… in four months.

The laundry is done: both that of the trip and that of my “flight to the mountains”. The latter is back in its suitcase ready for the next trek up to the chalet, the former redistributed.

Have managed to catch up on the mail, and even start getting back into rhythm with the sending of cards, reply answers, replies to inquiries and the like.

Am caught up on Facebook, LinkedIn and my e-mails.

Have started physically replying by telephone to friends, setting up lunch and dinner appointments: have a dinner date with my kids and a couple of luncheon dates with friends as well as the odd coffee date: social life is switching from my travelling family and friends to my hometown ones.

Have also delved into the work world, two general assemblies and one cocktail party already under my belt: work for a client making progress.

Still a ways to go: half way through my four-nights-in-a-row-out; many more phone calls to make, business, doctor’s appointments, friends; dozens of cards, “thank you”s and the like to write, never mind getting back to the cleaning and sorting (an ongoing and seldom productive task) of household affairs.

Weather still cold and rainy, but coffee with a good friend and a great concert tonight makes for a truly mixed day.