Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7 – return to the mountains

Up early, major stress as I tried to get some more credit cards processed for the client, pick up the mail (did take time for my “normal” coffee), dash to the doctor’s (how is it that for a 9 a.m. appointment, I didn’t get in until 9:23! Imagine the poor souls whose appointments are later in the day), another rush to pick up the prescription for my high blood pressure meds (hmmm, wonder if all the rushing is what causes the high blood pressure?). Back home to throw the rest of my mountain essentials (clean towels and sheets) into the car then on-the road-again (some 18 hours after I returned).

A stop for lunch followed by the search for a “perfect” (do I hear laughter) printer: lightweight, but capable of printing photos as well as letters, also require separate ink cartridges and quality for a low price…hope I have at least managed some of those items. Also wi-fi so that I won’t risk my life tripping over the cord (I still have the internet one to contend with, but as I have a super long one I can make it low enough so that it is only a minor risk whereas the printer cord stretched across the kitchen and had to be stepped over at waist height). Another quick stop at my favorite highway station for English magazines… no luck. Then on to the grocery store for supplies for the next few days and my afternoon coffee, before facing the drive up the mountain and detour to my summer rental.

Great weather though and am now happily ensconced leaving my housemate’s daughter to keep the house safe and water the flowers: we went from winter and 13° to summer and 28° without any transition – I’m still in dark trousers and long-sleeved shirts, won’t believe that it is going to last until perhaps another week has gone by with no brutal return to winter!

Looking out at one of my favorite views – clouds burgeoning over the Dents de Morcles (Teeth of the Morcles).