Sunday, June 9, 2013

Out and About

I woke up this morning rested and relaxed: so relaxed that it took me 30 minutes to get up after I awoke! (Note to self: colons and semi colons work just as well as … dots, - hyphens – and parentheses. Question – should I really fight my natural inclination to use the afore-mentioned?).

But I digress: upon awaking, I felt the “need” to take a hike. I was going to label this “First hike of the season”, but – if to some it would have been a hike, to others it would have been a walk in the woods and to yet others – my brother, my sons and all my nephews, it would have been a stroll in the mountains.  So I got out the jacket (our three days of summer have disappeared), the umbrella and my camera and set off on one of my favorite rounds: through the village, along the road into the forest, up to the “hole of the wolf”, up to the next road and back down into the woods again for a circular loop that takes care of about 2/3 of those daily 10’000 steps. Now, for the other 1/3, will pedaling in the air in front of the Roland Garros (Paris Open) men’s final tennis match this afternoon qualify?
Streams that normally disappear two days after the last snow are still in full spate, moss is growing everywhere (not just on the north side, so don'tcount on it for directions)

and the pines and firs still show their spring-green fingernail polish on the tips.

Return to the chalet – the sun had come out.