Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sytlish Saturday

Saturday in the City
A slower start than the past weeks; a leisurely drive up to San Francisco (many people call their closest big town “the city”, but for me that term always means San Francisco); blue skies, sunshine with a whip-cream slathering of clouds along the mountains on the ocean side; a great way to begin the day.

One goal: San Francisco’s 36th Decorator Showcase 2013 which was held in the Herbst Manor at 2800 Pacific Ave. Built in 1899 by Ernest Coxhead, for Sarah Mathilde Spooner, it is built in the Georgian-style with sweeping views of the city and has been transformed by 27 talented and creative designers: one of whom actually attended the Hotel School in Glion, worked in the industry for 13 years then concentrated on decorating. Antonio Martins:

Lunch outdoors at the Ferry Building, a drive along the other piers, out to Crissy Park and on to the second goal: seeing the venue where my nephew will be married this fall. Wandering through the Presidio reminded me of the Sierra Nevada; seeing the bay in a pull out, of my time spent overlooking the Puget Sound; the drive back to my sister’s, of the fact that tomorrow I return home.

A great ending to a wonderful trip – I am incommunicado till sometime next week when I return to writing my Blurred lines of Garble, ie BLOG.

San Fransisco