Saturday, May 18, 2013

Siblings and Friday Fun

From breakfast at the Paris Baguette (Grand Opening Day) to eating lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, it has been quite the day. 

My sister took some of her non-existent vacation hours and after attending the grand opening of PB, we first ran errands (a book and a CD together with new suitcases to put them in at Costco... because we needed gas) before popping over the hill to Half Moon Bay.

Top down on the car, the wind in our hair, the sun in our eyes, we played tourists and had pictures taken amongst the poppies before lunch. After lunch at the Ritz Carlton, a stroll on the grounds, a spot of shopping and 10 minutes in the lawn chairs we tore ourselves away to explore Main St. in Half Moon Bay, then wend our way back home. A day of laughter, of memories, of re-affirming the bonds of sisters.

To finish the fun Friday, we skyped with our brother and other sister, his wife.

Half Moon Bay