Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too much of a good thing


I have always wondered if that statement were true.

This year it was my roommate and her fiancé who opened the summer rental, as I was not yet home and it was on their way to a conference in Milano. As instructed they took up the bedding and towels, which I store at home for the winter, and I told them that most of the basics for soap, kitchen towels, non-food supplies could be found in the plastic bin in the chalet storage area. They knew that everything that they might want to use in the way of food needed to be purchased.

I returned home the same day that they returned from Italy and in the exchange of information I learned that I didn’t need to buy any cleaning supplies or toilet paper as they had bought “enough for several years”. In passing, it was also mentioned that they hadn’t gotten out the things from storage.

As my youngest son and I did the shopping in the valley before arriving, I couldn’t remember if there was any olive oil so, together with other food supplies, we got a bottle.

Once at the chalet we proceeded to unload the car, pull out the supplies and, in general, settle in for the season. Upshot: 3 bottles of olive oil (they had mentioned it, but I had forgotten and couldn’t remember if I had any stored: I did) and above all another large package of toilet paper on top of my plastic bin as well as two rolls inside said bin.

We currently have 37 rolls of toilet paper – think we’ll make it through the summer? However, if desperate for food, we can perhaps douse the TP in olive oil, add salt and herbs, fry lightly and consume?