Friday, May 17, 2013

More cousins and the family of friends

May 13, Today I travelled eastwards, first visiting and having lunch with a very dear cousin on my father’s side: a cousin born as a first child to one of my father’s sisters who, due to mishandling at birth, has cerebral palsy. They chose to not have other children so that they could do their best to ensure his on-going care (at that point it was believed that he would not live beyond 20 – he is now over 70!) This was a blessing to us as children: we were never taught that a handicapped person was anything other than “normal”. Fear of persons different than myself was thus eliminated which has enabled me to enjoy interaction with many, not just my own small world.
This cousin's handicap was physical - he has a brilliant mind and in order to keep him occupied my aunt and he researched and wrote the genealogy for my father’s side of the family – another blessing.
Then I traveled further to visit with a friend who is like a sister to me: first sent to stay with me when she came to Switzerland some 10 years ago, we bonded and even if months or years go by in between meetings, we pick up where we left off. "Families" of all kinds: bring them on!
Hats off to you Cousin Edwin!