Friday, May 3, 2013


From Dillingham, Alaska to Corsier-Port, GE Switzerland the distance is 8231.01 kilometers or 5114.51 miles. Those are the statistics. Reality however, is far from just statistics - there are physical similarities such as rivers, bays, lakes, snow in May, but also differences so great that it is hard to believe that one is on the same planet. I am comfortable in my blouse, a sweater and my winter jacket (to my credit no muff nor hat): the locals are into t-shirts (with short sleeves) and sandals!

People: here as at home I find that my family have wonderful friends who in turn have other wonderful friends - we were invited to dinner twice already and each time was special: Moose kabobs, fresh baked salmon (local), King Crab legs - I mean really ... and my nephew cooks a mean meal just like my sons: last night is a case in point: black rice, Monk fish and a Thai yellow curry sauce, the entire thing presented much like in MasterChef. Needless to say today's blog suggestion of "things I am uncomfortable with" would currently be: my Waist Band!