Saturday, April 9, 2016

The better "bikers"… or

Lose your prejudices: some motorcyclists are better than the car drivers!

I am still getting about with my bus pass and have had some interesting combinations by simply doing the “I’ll take the first bus that pulls up” or “This direction all the way to the end”, etc. Letting happenstance choose for me.

Today was more of the same. Decided to take the bus to the next village for breakfast as our village store is shut, then as the bus to town was before the bus home went to the large flea market looking for keys for my bedroom cupboard.

Home for lunch the in the afternoon needed to get the mail (a short 12-minute walk up the hill) but being lazy at that point decided to do the two-bus routine: mine to the next village down and the other to my village on the upper route. It just so turned out that the timing was perfect to stop for coffee at McDonald’s on the upper road and get a roll at the neighboring bakery for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Imagine my surprise as I rounded the trucks at the flour factory so see six beautifully kept motorcycles lined up in one parking space! I was so impressed by the lovely job of parking that after I got my coffee I looked around to see who they might be. Imagine, 6 young adult men, conservatively dressed, clean shaven and with their helmets all neatly aligned on the back shelf, enjoying talking together whilst taking a break. Not exactly what one usually thinks when one sees a group of motorcycles. But then again their parking exhibition was exceptional and spoke for them.

I got their permission to take pictures. This is Swiss precision.

Six motorcycles neatly within the lines of one car space!

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