Monday, April 4, 2016


As much as I love words, I am also very fond of numbers.
And have a special affinity for the weird and fun combinations: I often will look at a clock
just as it is changes to something like 13:13 (in Europe we use a 24-hour clock as does the military and many other more metric-oriented instances).

When I realized that this blog would be my 555th (yes, dear readers, it may seem like I just started, but it was almost three years ago), I knew that I had to involve my interesting relationship with figures.

I duly collected photos of those waking combinations that I saw – sorry if this bores you –and last night the final sign, I actually saw 23:23 in the numbness of falling asleep, but couldn’t wake up enough to take a picture.

The dot on the “i” so to speak came today when I paid a few bills online and realized that they were being paid on the 04.04.2016 (or 4x4=16)! Probably can’t top that so will post this and get on with a more reasonable life before I start something like figuring out how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years (oh I do know that one without looking) I have been alive. Pi has nothing on me!

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