Sunday, April 10, 2016

A mini, mini, mini adventure

I have broken any record that I might ever had concerning nights spent at home and although I have managed to be fairly patient I am now starting to want to be “anywhere”, to travel, to see new things or even old ones. Not that I don’t love my own bed or the beauty that I see out of the windows every morning, simply that it’s not like me to not have gone anywhere since December 27th when I returned from my Christmas Market Cruise and Christmas in Austria.

Today the sun finally deigned to grace us with its presence so I decided to have a mini adventure. Bus into town, train to Morges where I had intended for years to enjoy the Tulip Festival.  The tulips are still only about 30% out, but there were 80 pottery stands from all over Switzerland exhibiting their wares, the weather was accommodating and it was a glorious little adventure.

The park itself is also gorgeous

Looking across the lake towards France

Kind of hazy, but a beautiful day everywhere

 Including having a plate of antipasti in the dining car of the return train (hadn’t come across any restaurant in Morges that looked interesting – and most were chock-a-block full in any case and I didn’t want to settle for just a sausage in the park).

Very appetizing and the accompanying bread delicious.

Only a few hours, but a true change. And I'll still have the comfort of my own bed tonight.

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