Sunday, November 15, 2015

There is still beauty…

Just as most people are good there is still beauty in the world:  often after sad events be they national or personal one tends to want to be outside, to somehow reassure oneself that nature still exists, that some things can’t be changed quite so easily.

Fortunately it was another in an exceptionally long line of lovely fall days here.
So the first walk I took out by the natural preserve looking towards the alps.

Mont Blanc was hiding

a couple of leaves still refuse to change colors

Sign on both side of the woods below: private but authorized for hikers and friends of nature.

The woods

Inside the woods

unusual berries

never seen the like

A manor house with a still growing field

out the other end of the woods, Mont Blanc still in hiding

a few of the very rare red leaves still on the vine

one of the cannels of the natural preserve

A gray heron

The second shorter one was simply up to the village for coffee and back down through the vineyards.

the remains of a vineyard

through the trees close to sunset
Jet d'Eau in the distance beneath layers of the golden setting sun