Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ten and half hours…

Seventy kilometers, a lot of sweating as well as waiting in lines : it was gathering-up-the-bits, puchasing the necessities, squeezing in the washes – in short the first day that my younger son had « free » to concentrate on his move into the new place. It included two trips to Ikea, one to the local DIY, a couple more home (across town) and the end had him squeezed in the back of my polo with the flat-pack cupboard (was rather glad that it was after dark as no cop would have let me continue had he seen that !).
It’s amazing the amount of items and the length of some that we have managed to get into my small Polo!

Whilst waiting in traffic

Another whilst waiting in traffic

flat pack and son

Now he moved out at the beginning of October, but what with one thing and the other although he did get started on the painting, working took a great share of his time, never mind the camp when he was gone for the week : fortunately for him his older brother was willing to let him live in his flat whilst he was gone and as they are in the same building this made things possible that would yet to be done had that not happened.

However, said brother returns at the end of the week so it is imperative that he be out !

That was yesterday : today was finish mounting the bed and perhaps put together one of the cupboards
that was bought during one of the multiple store trips. We did take time for lunch, but there was a bit of sweating and need for adjustments to the bed – the cupboard we didn’t even start. However, it will all work out and his « zones » (it’s a large studio) have been very well thought out and are wonderfully and creatively painted.