Thursday, November 19, 2015

It’s just another day

How often do we say that ?
Some people think that their lives are boring or seem to be always the same, but if one really thinks about it one begins to notice the small variations in even the most calm of lives.

Given the terrorism, the accidents, the diseases and other negative events that impact us, it’s just another day might be a good thing if by that we mean calm, ordered, the same.

But again, it is never « just another day ». Every time the moon goes down, it is in a slightly different position, the weather is a degree different, our ability to actually not only see it, but to experience that sight changes with our availability and moods.

Moon Nov.18

Every time the sun comes up, it’s also in a different place, under different atmospheric conditions, seen or not at a different time from the preceeding day.

Sunrise Nov. 18

Sunrise Nov. 19

Both experiences are never the same: what a wonderful world – « it’s just another day » becomes a privilege instead of a banality.