Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The luxury of…

An empty calendar !

This morning when I pulled out my calendar I realized that today was one of those very rare days where I had absolutely nothing planned : not a coffee, not a lunch, no medical apointments, no house repair either. Wow – a whole day to do whatever I wanted – or « needed » as there is no lack of tasks that, although not dated, certainly need doing.

First luxury – taking longer over coffee.
Then since I had been lazy (it was raining) and taken the car up to get my mail, I decided to go post my registered letter down at the main post office and check out the grocery store whilst I was there (I did need fresh flowers). My male readers can stop here as only a women will understand how my morning then proceeded. Letter duly mailed (and having been talked into a lottery ticket for tonight – our post offices sell just about everything) entered the grocery store. First thing some sour cream for the baked potato that I was able to obtain from our favorite restaurant (to my regret, I had not ordered the daily menu, as on my way out I noticed that it had been accompanied by a baked potato – a real rarety in our restaurants – had run into the chef and mentionned my « mistake ». Now this shouldn’t get out, but he went right back and brought me one in a plastic sack, so when you see someone with a bag it doesn’t necessarily hide alcohol !). And I am yet again several lines off track : second item some baking supplies as it entered my head that on a dreary day like today baking Christmas cookies might be an option. Thirdly that led to the cat food aisle (you really doon’t want to know), on back of which are brooms, sacks, etc. and threshold carpets, which reminded me that I had promised my younger son one so chose the one that I thought would best fit his decor and finally checked out.  But then I needed fresh flowers – another deviation.

Back at the car I continued along the same lines : hmmmmm… halfway to town, mid-morning so no traffic, I might as well drop the rug over at S’s flat (still had the keys in the car from all the past weeks deliveries).
On the way I realized that I wasn’t far from the main flea market and that it was Wednesday. Weather was gray and I was looking at the sky when I realized there were buildings with sayings or whatever on them. Not a clue as to why but interesting.

"L'odrre n'a pas d'ipmroincae" or Order is not important

"Yes to all" what?

Sunday - and so what?

Christmas Circus

loved the juxtaposition of eyes, church bell tower and top of the circus tent.

You see the pattern : needless to say it was past noon by the time I returned home to eat my baked potato and think what next to do with all this freedom.

The "with Flying Colors" theme this week is white - couldn't resist the Christmas decorations

A luxury indeed – one I am ill-equipped to handle it seems.
So probably I’ll simply fritter the remainder of the day away – there are worse things in life – and enjoy the luxury of a scheduleless 24 hours.