Tuesday, June 30, 2015


plural noun: Baggage, supplies, or equipment related to an activity or expedition, especially when regarded as slowing one's progress.

But in most of our cases this can also be used for all those things that prevent us from either doing what we really want to be doing, or from accomplishing something that might take a bit of thought and effort.

Totally appropriate this morning to my activities.  Having gotten up, having had breakfast, having talked to my landlord, having finally decided to go get my summer pass for the ski lift, I used the excuse that I needed to « work » a bit so that I could enjoy my afternoon. And yes, the listing of all my acitivites was necessary to prove, if only to myself, that I had actually done something this morning.

Ha – in the process of « work » I checked Facebook, my emails and not much else. Then decided that I could at least work on reducing my inbox to a more reasonable amount than the current 257. Whereupon I came across this saved Wordsmith entry…

Amazing how often we are able to distract ourselves with the minutea of a life instead of actually getting out there and living! OK promised – I will use my newly purchased lift ticket and go take a walk up a few more meters where it should be cooler: lucky me it is already several degrees celsius cooler here than in the valley : 28° as opposed to 31°!