Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mother Nature doesn’t do “bad hair” days

She might produce fog – throwing it around her mountain shoulders like a warm shawl.

She can be drippy with rain – giving and maintaining life in many different forms.

She can be frightening and booming with lightning and thunder – better fireworks haven’t been invented.

She can be howling with winds – and when Mother Nature howls many of us cower.

She can be smothered in snow – underneath the blanket life takes a rest and gathers energy for a new beginning.

She can bask in the sun – and seems loved by most everyone then.

But one thing stands out: she is always beautiful: if her lakes aren't glistening in the sun, her raindrops bejewel branches, leaves and even blades of grass.

She displays her colors and pearls in thousands of ways, shapes and types.

However, when she’s humid she gives me a “bad hair” day!

January 2015

May 2015

May 2015

Late Spring snow - May 2015

June fog in the mountains
June rain like no one's ever seen



Today, alpine Lupines

A bright touch of color in a gray day

nourished by Mother Nature