Monday, June 1, 2015

Along the Highway

Today’s return from the mountains started out well enough – a great cup of coffee
and a roll in one of the chic tea-room-bakeries of Martigny: Michelod not to mention names.

Then I was on the road where things quickly disintegrated. Just past the road stop where I could have turned around and taken the state roads, all the traffic on the freeway came to a screeching halt.  There had been no warning and other than a very short blurb on “traffic info” a half hour later nothing: we were well stuck.

It turned out that they were working on the bridge in between two tunnels at St.Maurice: this was very easy to predict and signs could have been placed, but no, we should just waste our time.  In the end it took me an hour and a half to cover 17 kilometers!

But all was not lost as I was able to take the following pictures from the comfort of my driver’s seat with no danger to anyone in spite of the 100s of cars and trucks (dead standstill).

Not only, but I also always have reading material with me so finished an entire magazine and will be able to pass it along to a friend.

Life’s little frustrations do have their own silver linings with a ladybug for luck as well!