Friday, June 12, 2015

Housework is good exercise…

If it doesn’t kill you!

Having finally finished a photo album yesterday and having a few hours at my disposition before enjoying a weekend in the mountains, I thought that I’d catch up on a few tasks:

  • Wash the car finally – I do this when my fingers start getting too dirty opening up the trunk to store things, or if I am going to have friends in the car – whichever comes first and usually only three or four times a year.  Nothing happened other than pinching a finger with the vacuum hose, getting my hair even fluffier (and totally not the look I like) with the spray of the water, and almost tripping over the vacuum cleaner at home finishing the car, never mind banging my head whilst coming back out of the car. I survived that

  • Empty out the dish washer, which I had finally run after about a week: fairly innocuous as only banged another finger

  • Clean up the stair well leading down to the cellar: my biggest danger zone as can manage to tangle feet, hands, arms and any other loose body parts in any part of the vacuum cleaner (fortunately my hair can be tied back or that would probably end up being sucked into the tube as well!) and cause myself to trip: surviving that was the highlight of the cleaning frenzy! 

  • Dusting desk and other areas where the cats have settled as they are shedding big time at the moment: thank goodness that I was so allergic in my childhood that I needed medical treatment – otherwise that might have done me in.

Now, I know that I promised the boys that I would no longer get up on a ladder, nor a counter, etc. if no one was in the house – a promise that still holds as I know someone who broke both wrists recently getting up on her counter, slipping and falling.  However I didn’t think of those simple household chores as laying in wait for my clumsiness (nothing to do with age – I have always tripped, stumbled and otherwise been an accident waiting to happen – luckily I also have a better than average sense of balance and 99 times out of 100 I am able to catch myself. It’s that 100th time.

So, although I am sure that the bending, squatting and otherwise turning were good for my body, dying in a stupid household accident wouldn’t improve my health: new vow – give up housekeeping in the interest of my longevity!