Friday, June 19, 2015

I let go…

And floated free.
I finally found a whole week in my busy life where I could disappear to the mountains! Younger son is home for a couple of weeks and I am taking advantage of his presence to not have to organize the cats, but to take a true vacation: one made all the sweeter by the fact that I have filed my taxes, sent in on-line the FBARs and in general am caught up – perhaps not with all that needs doing, that’s an ongoing challenge, but at least with the urgent.

This time as I wasn’t in a rush I also decided to stop by my favorite water complex Lavey-les-Bains on the way  Left home slightly later than planned so grabbed a sandwich at one stop in order to not have a heavy stomach in the water then spent almost three hours just relaxing. Totally unusual for me, I didn’t even push myself to do laps, but simply wandered around through the various hot pools, the against-the-current-circle (although I did go against the current, I did so slowly and on the inner wall – not much of a challenge).

One of my favorite things there is to do the quarter of an hour floating on a mattress and listening to either classical music or whales underwater. As there were not many people on this Thursday afternoon during the school year I finally unhooked my feet from the metal railing around the pool and floated free! What a feeling as eyes closed I listened to classical music as transmitted through the water – talk about surround sound!

I even took in the sensorial experience, which I have never done before: green light, an aroma meant to be soothing and the twitter of birds did give me the advertised serenity: off to the hamman and some warmth followed by the “silent” room to interiorize all the relaxing experiences.

Talk about “letting go” – if I got any further released I’d probably float away into the clouds some of which are looking pretty dark up here as the light fades on a wonderful day.