Sunday, May 31, 2015

“Gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may” or…

In my case – wildflowers.

The quote of the title is very well known (but who knows to whom it should be attributed?)
Urging us in general to not waste time, but to do that for which tomorrow may be too late.
Usually whoever quotes it is trying to get someone else to “get on with it” and they are probably not thinking much of nature.

However, all philosophy aside, I gathered photos of wildflowers today: there is that magic few days in late spring, early summer when almost all the wildflowers are in bloom in my little corner of the Swiss alps. It is a short period – thus the link to the quote. It was a joy to see each one – however, I actually did resist taking photos of the dandelions, the clover buds and the thistle balls – I also add NO cultivated flowers although many are coming along nicely besides the chalets and barns. But I couldn't resist the one lilac tree in someone's yard - and the "fuzzy chicken" - they're back!

And in order to not stretch your brain cells too much on this glorious Sunday, the quote isn’t Shakespeare nor any of the well known and oft quoted poets. In fact I bet that most of this poet’s works are better known for their phrases than for his name: Robert Herrick – a 17th poet and cleric.