Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vas, Vis, et Deviens”… or

Go, Live and Become
The original title above refers to a French-Israelian film made in 2005 by Radu Milhaileanu: one which explores what happens when a child is told by his mother to leave her and pass himself off as an orphan and of another religion. He not only loses his familial past, but also his cultural past. Of course, the mother did this as she wanted a better life for her son than one in a refugee camp.

However, in the case of those who choose to travel, to explore other cultures, perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps these people (several of my ancestors, myself) need to go, to live and to become and can only do so by experiencing other lands, other cultures.  

Chosen, it becomes a valuable, growing experience, one that allows us to effectively become the person that perhaps we were meant to be.

If nothing else if we all did this for a period in our lives, wars and hatred of others based upon erroneous beliefs would be a thing of the past. I am not saying that there would be no more wars (although I firmly believe that there would be many less), but at least one would be basing that war on a personal belief and not just what “someone” else decided.

It is difficult to maintain a distance, a hatred or a belief about someone, or some other way of living when you actually take the time to experience it. Understanding someone else’s way of doing things may not make one become or perform in the same way, but it will allow the other person to continue in his own way instead of making that person change, recognizing that we are not all the same, but that we can all live peacefully together in spite of our differences.

Go, live, become.