Sunday, February 9, 2014

Security blankets

Come in many sizes, colors and fabrics: some aren’t even blankets!

My security “blanket” is reading material: I can’t even drive across town without having something to read in the car in case I get stuck in a traffic jam, or at a long stop light. If I take a flight I have to have at least two papers, a book, a couple of magazines and some Sudoku games.

This morning I took my roommate to the train station, leaving the house with 3 pieces of reading material. After a check on the trains and schedules we had a leisurely breakfast (and wasn’t she a dear – said that taxi drivers were worth something – and picked up the tab! I always love the surprise and may I never think that it is due!) after which I had a browse in the newspaper store next door, walking out with three more magazines or papers.

18 stop lights on the way home but as it was Sunday, only had to stop briefly for two: never mind, I am covered today for any down moments.

My security blanket is in place.