Thursday, February 13, 2014

My mother told me that there would be days…

She just didn’t tell me how bad they could get.

I should have known that it was not going to be a stellar day when my local newspaper was not in my PO Box at 9 this morning (we recently lost our post office in spite of protests, in spite of long lines – it’s all about profit these days regardless of the country).

There had been issues when they were delivering from the larger post office 4 miles down the road, but our post master had still been here to call and straighten things out: no Daniel in sight this morning – he’s been sent off to substitute throughout the canton.

I enjoyed tea and catching up with a friend then swung by again on my way back home: nothing (there had been one letter however at the normal time so I figured that mail had been delivered).

Worked awhile, did various tasks, had lunch then mid-afternoon set off for my normal coffee. By the time I made it to the large post office I had looked through the telephone book (no phone numbers for any of the local branches, no phone number for any throughout Switzerland), gone on-line where I also was not able to find one single number. I could have opened 10 accounts, got advice on investments, bought stamps, figured out what the postage would be for a package to Switzerland, Europe or even internationally, same for a letter, a postcard, a piece of advertising: I could have applied for a job and any number of other non-postage-related topics, but NO telephone number for information of the mundane variety.

At the larger post office, knowing that it was futile, I duly waited the 10 minutes in line, then explained to the lady at the counter, taking care not to blame her personally. Of course she didn’t have a clue. Turns out that there is now only one number for “client relationships” throughout the entire country! It was too late, but this number would supposedly allow me to ask the local postal employees who actually deliver the mail why they hadn’t brought my paper.

Returning home I swung by the PO Box yet again and lo and behold – not only the paper, but also letters: will never learn why I am sure – and they call this progress.

That however was not the end of my trials and tribulations: had purchased a piece of squash intending upon making fresh soup. Now, normally I would take a part of it and microwave just what I need, blending it with a hand-held blender, but I was being thrifty (and saving time for tomorrow or whenever I end up having soup the second time) so wanted to cook the whole thing. Over the holidays I had made red-cabbage for one of my neighbors – taking it up in a large glass bowl that works well in the microwave – but had never recuperated said bowl. Hmmm: had to actually get out a pan and steam it on the stovetop. Not a problem as I have a lovely heavy-duty blender, which I have used all of twice since I bought it 5 years ago (loaned it to my younger son for a couple of years and he has just brought it back).  Squash duly softened I scraped the meat off the skin and put it into the blender – WITH A TOP ON. Locked things down and pushed the button and witnessed orange soup fly all over the counter top and anything on it.  Did I learn ? Just figured that I needed to hold the top on. Try 2 – another half the contents on the floor, the upper cabinet doors, taking it even further onto the adjoining window, green bin, soda maker, Nespresso machine and anything that I had missed the first time.

For anyone who thought my kitchen was gray and without color – I will be scraping orange from holes and cracks and places I didn’t know existed for some time yet.

Hope that the soup is at least good! 

But that wasn't quite the end of it: whilst I was still standing there, there was a flash of light from the microwave (new last week) and it was out, the under cabinet lights were out - and nothing had been turned on at all - blown fuse, just hope it hasn't ruined the microwave.

I’m now off to sit quietly in a chair and hope that nothing else happens before I can get into bed and stay out of trouble for at least the night (do I need to put barriers on my bed?).