Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lunch in the Park or…

A lovely spring day.

A great combination: errands needing to be run, things needing to go to younger son’s flat and time to leisurely have lunch.

It was a beautiful day and all went well so I decided that I deserved lunch at the Botanical Gardens. If my first round didn’t produce a parking, the second had someone pulling out right in front of me close the entrance: it was meant to be!

There were tables in the sun protected from the wind, the meal was delicious (I discovered this restaurant several months ago, but rarely have time to get there) and the walk in the park thereafter produced a few photos of the first timid flowers.

Having enjoyed all of these even the drive in stop-and-go traffic upon the return didn’t phase me as there was the view of the lake and Mont Blanc to be enjoyed.

Absolutely delicious - a mixed salad as well.
One of the crocus spots in front of the former bird cage