Friday, March 10, 2017

Joy in a jar

Now I do realize that this is the International day of the Woman, but the jar I am talking about has nothing to do with cosmetics or the fact that it is “our” day.

No, this is the wonderful, ever so pleasant surprise of last Sunday morning.

My younger son had cleaned out and sorted yet more items and handed me a few jars of jam as he is no longer eating sugar nor did he ever eat much jam. I didn’t pay any attention until I took a look that morning: among them was a small jar of Elderberry jelly.  Now there is only one person I know that makes Elderberry jam – my brother-in-law’s mother. How Scott ended up with one – and when – is totally immaterial as it was still perfect when I opened it. My Sunday breakfast was not only tasty, but filled with good will towards N – long may she thrive… and make Elderberry jam. Her other specialty is popcorn balls and the memory of those is enough to make me salivate as well.

Indeed joy in a jar.

Elderberry jam by N.M.

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