Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting things done or…


It was a lazier than lazy day – did my horoscope predict this, who knows, but in any case even though I had slept well I awoke lacking the essential energy to “get things done”, a term that usually means cleaning, sorting, book keeping, washing etc. and not the more pleasant aspects of life such as sending cards to friends, having lunch or coffee etc.

I managed coffee with M – for the first time in a long time as either I have been gone or she busy.

But most admit that upon my return home I played a few computer games, finished my current novel then, on the spur of the moment and because the lovely weather outside had me feeling guilty about not being out, took a walk before doing a spot of shopping including buying the fixings for salad for lunch (another thing that I hadn’t done in awhile).

After lunch there was the need to relax: the view from both the chair in my bedroom as well as from one side of the bed is great.

Then it was time for my afternoon coffee followed by cocktails with friends and catching up: for the first time we found ourselves without any of the adult children, weird, but fun.

TV and more reading and the day was done.

Babette has the right idea - a nap in the sun
Nothing useful got “done” yet I lived well yesterday and, all things said and done, isn’t that the point in life – to enjoy it!

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