Friday, March 3, 2017

Time flies – and so do I or…

Yet another spill.

I had managed a whole 14 months without taking a tumble so guess that it was too good to be true!

This morning I managed to break that record: whilst coming up on the sidewalk after having crossed the street there were two women discussing so I didn’t watch my feet and caught the tip of my right toe on the curb – flat on my face.

I am not a pretty sight nor will I be for some time, but the good news is that
  • I saw no stars
  • Nor the moon
  • My face although scraped raw right down the middle needed no surgery (now some might accuse me of doing this on purpose so that I can have esthetic surgery, but those who themselves have had surgery know very well, that unless absolutely a medical necessity the very thought becomes an anathema).
  • Didn’t break either glasses, teeth or nose
  • Didn’t re-break the arm – a bit sore tonight I must admit
  • Scraped one knee but not badly
  • My fat lip will perhaps help me not eat so much in the next few days (right – the thought is good, but I am sure that I will find a way around the fact).

Did finally let myself be talked into going to emergency care – and as a precaution had x-rays of my neck and vertebra – all in order.  And did you know that to get a decent picture of the last one in one’s neck that one needs to tilt one’s head slightly back and open one’s mouth as widely as possible? Yet another bit of knowledge that I could perhaps have done without.

So maybe I should take flying lessons: if both time and I are going to take wings perhaps we need strong ones!

Who needs a stiff upper lip when one has a fat lower one?