Thursday, December 3, 2015

Weather’s wonders

Although rushing to and fro these days, I do try and take the time first thing in the morning to walk up to the village for my coffee as well as to pick up my mail.

Time allowing I wander back through the vineyards – if not I head straight back down the road. Each route has its own charms and reasons for being.

Yesterday was our first true frost (there had been sunny, clear skies and nothing to interfere in between
Sun and earth with the result of horefrost.

First a lot of droplets where the sun had already shown

blades of frozen grass - in the shade

heavily frosted leaves in the open fields

some kind of hunting bird...huge but at a distance
 Then as I was driving back from taking my younger son home in the early hours this morning was rewarded shortly before reaching home with a half moon just coming up – so large, so present – a thing of glory that I alone (or at least there were very few of us !) witnessed.

Later this morning as I drove up to the village (yep a very short night and plenty of fog left me without my usual « need » to walk it), parked then did a few errands on foot came across one tree that has it’s seasons completely mixed up : my calendar says December, the tree thinks it’s spring !

mixed-up tree